How to do free live streaming of IPL 2020 and all the IPL Teams | Free live tv for mobile live streaming

In this article, we will provide you with 6 Best apps that you can download for free to do live cricket streaming within your own mobile devices.

These mobile apps are free to use and can be used to see live broadcast of official ipl matches and even share the whole experience within social media and social networking.

IPL Mobile streaming has gained a lot of attraction from the past few years, mainly due to its portability option. Having a TV and desktop is always nice, but you can't take the same everywhere you go.

So developers have developed apps specifically for mobile, so you can do all the mobile live streaming within your mobile devices and not miss any updates of your favorite IPL Teams.

mobile streaming apps
Best mobile streaming apps for VIVO IPL 2020

Below are the various ways and apps you can use to do free mobile live streaming of IPL Teams

1) Hotstar Live

Hotstar is one of the most familiar apps you might have heard about and is also the official ipl partner for live streaming of the IPL matches.

Hotstar provides a live video streaming service that includes categories from sports, movies, series and more.

Hotstar is best known for sponsoring such sports events and also includes a hotstar ipl live channel where it would live stream all ipl teams and their matches.

Even though it's a great service, the hotstar cricket live streaming is only available for a small amount of time.
Meaning there is a time limit to watching the live stream of your ipl teams to under 30 minutes. After which it requires you to go Premium.

Hotstar premium lets you access all of the live streams with Hotstar's own VIP section which contains all the movies, series and more for a starting price of Rs365/ Year

There are two upgrade packages you can choose from:

Hotstar VIP
which comes with:

-Cricket, Premium League and more
-Exclusive Hotstar Specials
-Star serials and movies before TV

Hotstar Premium
which comes with:

-Cricket, Premium League and more
-Exclusive Hotstar Specials
-Star serials and movies before TV
-Latest American TV Shows
-Hollywood movies

But if you opt for free, you can have the hotstar ipl for just under 30 minutes.

Hotstar App - Download

But of course who wants to have just 30 minutes of live streaming when your favorite ipl team is playing.
So we got you more services,

2) Youtube live stream

Youtube is one of the biggest video streaming platform available to users right now. Every android and ios device comes with a pre-installed youtube app.

You can do mobile live streaming via youtube as well.
A lot of people and channels across youtube tend to put ipl live for free. 

Of course, there are chances of youtube banning such channels but if one channel is lost, there are 100 more which will be live-streaming the same content.

Head to Youtube - Youtube

3) Thop TV

This is one of the well-known apps you will find to live stream this season of Indian Premier League.

Thop Tv is a free live tv streaming service that will stream all the channels available in the country, like set max, ESPN, regional channels and more.

You can also find an updated list of movies and series which you can Livestream for free as well.

This app is free of charge and you can live stream your favorite ipl teams during the match hours from these channels.

For example, Set max is one of the official providers of the channel, so you can mobile live-stream your ipl team on set max channel via Thop Tv app.

Thop Tv apk - Download

The next set of apps depends on which SIM provider you are availing your services from.
Jio provided with a free live streaming service called JIO TV which could be availed by all the Jio sim users.

Following through the trend, other network providers like Airtel and Idea came with their own set of free live services.

You can download the given apps from these links according to your respective service providers

4) Jio TV  - Download

Download the link if you are a Jio SIM user

5) Airtel Xstream - Download

Download the link if you are an Airtel SIM user

6) Idea Movies and TV - Download

Download the link if you are an Idea SIM user

Hopefully, these apps help you to enjoy this cricket IPL season with your favorite IPL Teams.

For any further queries, feel free to reach out to us.

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